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Special Education Services & Programs

NHA has a variety of class options designed to provide educational services to students with different strengths and abilities.  The staff at NHA work closely with the parents and Child Study Teams to develop individual education plans.  Instructional methodologies are used to best address student needs and promote learning.

PreSchool Disabled

  • Integrated student population consisting of special needs students and typically developing peers.

  • Center based program with a focus on natural environment teaching strategies.

  • ABA Principles and Methods used.

  • Follows the NJDOE approved Creative Curriculum.


Autism (Elementary & Secondary)

  • Follows principles of Applied Behavior Analysis including Individualized Direct Instruction.

  • Addresses students with needs in the areas of sensory integration, coping, and self-regulation.

  • Emphasizes a total communication approach, social skills programming, and vocational tasks as well as Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

Multiple Disabilities (Elementary & Secondary)

  • Utilizes multi-sensory approach to promote learning.

  • Develops total communication skills using verbal as well as augmentative and assistive communication devices and basic ASL.

  • Focuses on independent self- help and vocational skills with the use of adaptive equipment.

ESY Cooking week

ERI (Emotional Regulation Impairment)

  • Utilizes a highly-structured learning environment with effective behavior management strategies and de-escalation methods.

  • Incorporates a Positive Behavioral  Intervention and Support plan and a Behavioral Management system for each student.

  • Provides counseling to promote social skill development and enhance self-regulation skills and coping skills.

  • Works collaboratively with districts to promote rigorous academic programs based on New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS).

Transition Program 

  • Structured Learning Experiences provided for students over 16 to develop transferable job skills in local community setting while completing high school requirements 

  • Transition to Project SEARCH eligibility for students in last year of high school ages 18-21 that takes place entirely at a host business site.

  • This combination of instruction and immersion in the workplace prepares young adults with disabilities to make successful transitions from school to productive adult life.

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