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Parent Support Group 

This NHA Mom’s Group is a supportive, non judgmental space for female caretakers to join together.


NHA Moms can join the community to share, interact, and learn from each other in a safe and supportive environment. NHA Moms help empower the moms of students to improve care for themselves and others.


Mom’s Group allows moms to talk to others who are experiencing the same joys and challenges, and who cannot only empathize, but offer valuable insights and suggestions. Mom’s Group meets monthly with occasional guest speakers and therapeutic make and takes.


Mom's Group social outing. Painting class (2018)

If you are interested in joining the NHA Mom’s Group, please email If you are interested in guest speaking or offering an invaluable service for our Mom’s Group, please email Services could be relaxation techniques, mindfulness activities, and/or make and take workshops with tips to rejuvenate their spirits.

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