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NOrthern Hills Academy

Northern Hills Academy

Northern Hills Academy is a public school that provides programs and services to special needs students who are three to twenty-one years old.   Instruction is based on the principles of ABA, including the use of positive reinforcement systems and clearly defined intervention strategies to promote learning. A strong emphasis on sensory integration is also emphasized to assist the student with self regulation skills needed for success at school and home.

The staff at NHA are highly qualified and able to meet the individual needs of each student.  Our physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapists, and school psychologist work closely with our teachers and school nurse to provide a comprehensive program that can be integrated easily in the classroom. The behavior specialist develops individualized student behavior plans and provides training and staff support to ensure effective implementation of these plans.   Staff members collaborate regularly with the Child Study Team members and the student’s families to bridge the gap between the home and school in order to maximize learning. NHA imbeds technology into instruction. There is a Smartboard and Ipad in each classroom. The teachers and therapists use assistive technology throughout the day to help motivate the students and enhance learning. An emphasis is placed on the development of vocational and activity of daily living skills.  NHA created a classroom that supports natural environment teaching.  Students use everyday appliances and other items in the modified apartment for skill acquisition in these areas. Our Community program at NHA enables students to go into the community to work on targeted goals and objectives that enhance the development of communication, academic, social, and safety skills. The students travel to various locations including the food store, library, and post office. The program also supports our students’ transition from school to adulthood for both employment and access to community services and activities. The transition program at NHA helps prepare our students for home, work, and community life after graduation. NHA also works closely with Child Study Teams, community agencies and families to develop plans for adult services. In addition to classrooms that provide effective instructional strategies, NHA provides a variety of programs and services. The therapists work closely with vendors to help students obtain the appropriate adaptive equipment, including wheelchairs, standers, orthotics and other specialized equipment that will promote independence and improve life skills. The Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired provides consultants who work closely with the staff and families to provide strategies for the school and home that will facilitate learning. At the monthly Pet Therapy program our canine friends visit with the students and promote communication and social skill development. The Swimming Program provides monthly opportunities for students to go to the YMCA to learn about water safety and  work on skills across all domains. The Scouting program provides opportunities for all our students to participate as members of Scout Troop 700. The students attend meetings during the school day and participate in events held at the scouting camps in Allamuchy and Rockaway. NHA has an active parent support group.  Meetings are held on a monthly basis with presentations on specific topics provided at each meeting. A  Parent Training Series based on the use of Applied Behavior Analysis to improve skill acquisition and student behaviors at home is provided each spring.

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Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:17-46, the official 2013-2014 New Jersey Department of Education School Self-Assessment for Determining Grades under the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights District and School Grade Report issued by the NJDOE on December 16, 2014 must be posted, in the original format, on the district/school website.  Please find a copy of this report HERE .