10 Gail Ct., Sparta, NJ 07871 | Tel: (973) 579-6980


The Sussex County Educational Services Commission (SCESC) is a public school district located in Sparta, New Jersey. Composed of member school districts and governed by representative Board of Directors from member districts, the Commission is designed to identify needs and provide innovative services to students at both public and nonpublic schools.

Established in 1979, the SCESC works collaboratively with local schools, businesses, and state agencies to deliver services that meet the ever changing needs of students and their families. In addition to Northern Hills Academy, a school for special needs students, the SCESC also supports public and nonpublic schools by providing full and part time services performed by teachers, therapists and Child Study members.

The SCESC also functions as a resource for schools, families, and the community at large. Professional development programs and workshops for parents and community members provide on-going training opportunities.